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Experienced CDL Defense For Commercial Drivers In Illinois

Being arrested and charged with a DUI can yield heavy consequences for average drivers in Illinois, but the penalties can be even harsher for drivers who have a CDL license. As operators of large vehicles, commercial drivers are held to much higher standards for safety and following the rules of the road, so a violation can put their livelihoods in jeopardy.

If you are a commercial driver who has been charged or convicted of a DUI or DWI, you need to find skilled legal representation immediately. I am attorney Peter George O’Connor of PGO Law Firm, and I can provide you with the strong defense you need to contest the charges and keep your job.

Illinois Laws For A CDL DWI

Commercial drivers have an increased responsibility to follow traffic laws for the safety and well-being of other drivers on the road. As a result, any violations due to negligence or a DUI/DWI can be met with severe consequences. For most drivers, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is .08%. Being pulled over at or above this limit can result in a DUI charge. However, the legal limit is lower and much stricter for commercial drivers at 0.04% BAC—half of a typical DUI charge.

Even if you are driving a personal vehicle and are pulled over for a DWI, your CDL can still be at risk of being suspended or permanently revoked if convicted.

Penalties For Commercial Driver DUI In Illinois

Driving while intoxicated can lead to serious penalties, but commercial drivers face an even greater risk.

  • If it is your first offense and you are tested between .08% and .15% BAC, your license (both your CDL and normal driver’s license) will be suspended for 45 days.
  • If your BAC is found over .15% BAC, your CDL will be suspended for 90 days
  • If you refuse a chemical test when prompted during the arrest, your CDL will be suspended for 1 year and your normal license will be suspended for 120 days
  • If this is your second offensea conviction can lead to a lifetime revocation of your CDL license
  • The penalties can be even worse if your DUI led to an accident, you left the scene of the accident, an accident caused the death of another person, or you were transporting hazardous materials

A DUI Conviction Can Impact The Rest Of Your Career

Being convicted of a DWI can significantly impact your life as a commercial driver and have lingering effects long after paying your debt to society. If commercial driving is your primary source of income, this can greatly hinder your ability to make a living and provide for your family.

Even after a suspension is lifted, you may very likely be let go by your employer and find it difficult to secure employment in the future. Commercial driving companies will not want to be associated with someone with a drunk driving conviction even if it was a one-time mistake.

How I Can Help

The best way to avoid a conviction and get back your CDL privileges is by hiring skilled legal representation. I have years of experience advocating for clients who were commercial drivers and were charged with DUIs, and I can help contest the accusations and clear your record. I focus primarily on DUI cases, and I am even a member of the College of DUI Defense, so my familiarity with the law can be used to your advantage.

I will explore every avenue to secure a favorable outcome for your case, whether it be questioning the lawfulness of the traffic stop, challenging the testimonial of the arresting officer, or challenging the validity of the field sobriety test (which I am trained in), among other compelling defenses. No matter the approach taken, you can rest assured that my firm knows what it takes to strategize a strong defense and help your chances at dismissing or reducing the charges.

Get Started On Your DUI Defense Today

As a commercial driver, you rely on your license to help put food on your table and support your family. A DUI can provide significant challenges in maintaining your commercial drivers’ license. Your best chance at saving your license and career is to work with an experienced attorney throughout your DUI case. To learn more about how I can help you, call me at 630-912-5051 or fill out my online contact form.