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Court Hearing Information

Before the day of court: Please be sure to set up Zoom on your smart device, such as a cell phone, computer, or iPad, in advance to be sure of a successful login. My office hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM. I will not be able to assist the day of court. Below are general guidelines on how to access court through Zoom. Most court appearances in the counties of DuPage, Kane, and Cook will be on Zoom. Will County, Grundy, Livingston, Iroquois, and many others do not. If you are unsure, please contact me at least 48 hours before your court date. BASIC DIRECTIONS:

  • Install the Zoom App on your phone or through your App store for the device you will be using or go to;
  • Make sure your camera and microphone are working;
  • Create a free Zoom account by signing up or logging in if you are an existing user;
  • Be sure to test Zoom and make sure you have a strong internet connection;
  • Below find the courtroom you are required to appear. Open the link and find the room.
  • Join your Zoom call at least 10 minutes prior to court. Follow all directions, then, when let into the room, click “Join Hearing.” You will then be placed into the Zoom waiting room.
  • Be sure to spell your full name so that you can easily be identified.

If you need further assistance with ZOOM, please reach out to their customer service or by going to their website for tutorials. Links for Zoom information by courthouse:

General Tips:

  • Do not leave the meeting. Once the meeting begins, you will be placed in the waiting room.
  • Join the Zoom session 10 minutes before the scheduled time. If you are late, you will be pushed to the end of the line before being called upon.
  • Please keep your microphone on MUTE until your name/case is called. Then please unmute yourself by using the microphone option within the Zoom app.
  • Choose a quiet place to participate in the hearing.
  • Cell phones should be muted, doors to rooms closed, and disruptions minimized.
  • Follow the Court’s rules, you may be removed from the Court hearing, and the Judge can impose a fine or other punishment.
  • Recording/Photos/Reproduction: Any video and/or audio recording, photographing, screenshots, and/or reproducing of the livestream is strictly prohibited.
  • You must act and appear as if you are in a physical courtroom. The rules of decorum have not changed. Please dress appropriately.
  • The recording, publishing, broadcasting or other copying or transmission of courtroom proceedings by video, audio, still photography or any other means is strictly prohibited by Illinois Supreme Court Rule 68(A)(8) and is subject to the penalties for contempt of court.
  • Observers should keep their video off and sound on mute.