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Although facing charges for driving under the influence is a frightening & stressful experience, facing charges for aggravated DUI is substantially worse. An aggravated DUI is a DUI charge with particular circumstances, sometimes those other circumstances are separate crimes, and sometimes they are only crimes because of the DUI.

The PGO Law Firm is a skilled and aggressive law firm to inform you of your rights and your potential defenses during a consultation. Should you decide to retain the PGO Law Firm, we will provide you with the best defense possible, including a thorough investigation of the details of your case, an examination of the arresting officer's actions, and research of the exact chemical test to which you submitted.

Aggravated DUI Charges

If you have been charged with drunk driving and any of the below are applicable to your situation, then you will be charged with aggravated DUI, which carries penalties that are much more severe.  Felony DUIs are charged as “Aggravated DUI” in Illinois. A conviction for aggravated DUI is punishable with potential jail or prison time or community service that cannot be suspended or reduced.  Applicable situations include:

  • Transporting a Child under the Age of 16
  • Accident Involving Injuries to a Child in Your Vehicle under the Age of 16
  • Accident Resulting in Death
  • Any Felony Charges Resulting because of the DUI
  • 2nd or Subsequent DUI after a Conviction for DUI Resulting in Death
  • A 3rd or Subsequent DUI Conviction

A felony DUI conviction is very serious and this type of conviction not only comes with the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, which can prevent you from getting a job and rebuilding your life once you have served your sentence. You may lose your driver’s license permanently with no recourse for getting it back, which also can have a negative effect on your life and your livelihood.

If you’ve been charged with a felony DUI, you need the PGO Law Firm on your side. With our skilled legal representation, you may be able to avoid a conviction or a much lessened outcome.

The PGO Law firm in Frankfort, IL. has a proven history of helping people like you to fight felony DUI charges, preserve their records, and protect their driver’s licenses. The PGO Law Firm has the experience in Cook & Will County to provide you the best aggravated DUI defense.

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