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Facing criminal charges is a pivotal moment where the right support can make all the difference. When the charges involve prostitution, more than just your freedom is on the line. I’m attorney Peter George O’Connor, and I’ve dedicated my entire career to providing private criminal defense in New Lenox and throughout Illinois.

My experience as an army veteran translates into a disciplined, strategic approach in the courtroom, where I fight for your rights with the tenacity of a seasoned warrior. Clients find that my personable demeanor makes difficult conversations easier, and they take comfort in knowing that I am fully committed to achieving a positive outcome for them.

Understanding Prostitution Charges In Illinois

Prostitution charges can carry serious implications. In Illinois, the crime of prostitution involves engaging in, or soliciting another for, sexual acts in exchange for money or other compensation. These charges are not just about the act itself but can encompass various related activities, including arranging or directing such encounters. The stigma and legal ramifications can be profound, but it’s important to remember that an accusation is not a conviction.

Penalties for prostitution offenses in Illinois can be harsh, including fines, incarceration and a criminal record that can impact one’s future long after any sentence is served. The severity can vary based on the circumstances, such as prior convictions or the presence of aggravating factors. A prostitution conviction also requires you to register as a sex offender, which can impact where you live, work and how you live your life.

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